Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My first Chipboard Book!

Happy June 14th everyone! I know it has been ages since my last post and I am sorry! Been so much going on personally...... the most horrifying of whcih was discovering this  tiny bump on my 3 year old's tummy (he is now 4 - June 7th!) was an MRSA infection! Of course not any old MRSA infection either..... one really bad bug as his doctor put it......highly resistant - only 3 antibiotics on the planet worked against it .... 2 needing IV to administer BAD BUG! But fast forward..... and Praise God after my wonderful brother, an anointed pastor prayed for him over the phone.... he is 100% better!  So my mind is finally able to rest and my hands able to create again!

AND........ learning how to make Chipboard / Paper bag Books also called albums has been my latest conquest!  I absolutely love the look of Chipboard books with all their frilly ribbons and colorful pages loaded with all sorts of cute embellishments and hidden surprises unveiled page by page.... don't you? Well, admittedly (until now) I had no idea or should I say no guts to brave the world of making one myself and always ordered them  from others... ( which I don't regret either .... they are priceless treasures I adore, proudly display and would absolutely buy more....) if I didn't know how to now make my own.... then again, who knows I honestly have to say I will still buy others because lets face it there are some really talented ladies out there and I do love other's styles as much as my own!) Variety is truly the spice of life!!!!

I made this book for my mother in law for her birthday this past week...... it was so much fun and can you believe I just sat down about 9 pm one night searched youtube for a video and funny enough only watched about 1/4 of it and went to town creating ....... and several hours later (yeah I was pumped and sleep took a back seat....LOL!) I had this absolutely adorable book! I don't know what made me happier? Watching the look on her face when she opened it or the feeling I had knowing I finally made one.... and one I would have ordered from someone else.... cuz let's face it..... there is tons of fabulous talent out there but also tons of lets just say ...... still needs a bit of work before you post those pics or sell it on Ebay talent too! Not that some may not feel that way too about my work but......crafters......... we are all in this together and most of us really do pour our hearts into our work for the joy of being creative....... yes, we may also sell on ebay or etsy here and there...... but I have been steaming a while about this ............... it absolutely burns me up when I see listings of those just trying to turn quick sales -  making those extremely cheaper versions (computer printed.... hence computer made not by hand...paper pieces!) list in the same categories and identical keywords/titles as the ones I and many others work so very hard to make truly by hand.... drawing, cutting, inking, assembling several tiny pieces into the top quality "Hand-Made" creations! Ok, yes, they DO put those disclaimers that they are in not so many words.... cheap computer made! But those that are passing off these colored print outs with a couple of pop dots as a hand made paper pieced items seriously really do undermined a true crafter's work! Thus, scaring off buyers.......... come on who can't print a picture twice, trim around it, glue them together a top the other with a few pop dots........ art? Well my 4 year old is ready for his first eBay business then as a top artist!!!

Please don't compromise quality for quantity just to make a quick buck..... your work is your signature and if you take the time, supplies and  energy to make it..... always make it YOUR personal best! Ok, I am done venting and hopefully I don't get to much hate email or postings after this one...... was just in a mood this morning and finally said what I have been feeling for a long time!

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