Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall is in the Air... Fall Banner, Scarecrows and More...

The leaves are changing (well not here in Florida) Fall is in the air...... and I love it!!!

I was sitting here today thinking about all the neat things I want to create to decorate the house and I remembered a cute project I made last fall for my youngest son's school. They have a huge fall festival and I of course could not resist the urge to create away to make it extra fun....

Here are a few of the goodies that I made for it.... I used designs I create for most of this.... and I do have those files available for purchase if your interested, however, my actual "Scrapulicious" storefront website is under-construction for the time being (my website administrator .... my son LOL! just started college full-time and has been a weeeee bit slow... :-(  However, I would still love to offer them to and you can contact me via email or Facebook if your interested in these or any of the other designs you see me post (previous or currently.) Keep in mind however, I do occasionally use designs for some of the projects that I purchased from other designers that I love and I will also add the information were you can go purchase any of those that you'd like from them too....... Enjoy!

All the leaves sticking out the top of the above panel and those in the one below (Acorn too) are removable. I created little pockets for them to peek out of... I love neat little extras like this.....don't you?

I designed this adorable Scarecrow as a "Peeker" (available for purchase) but notice I didn't use his little hands for the banner - These files can be so flexible if you start thinking outside of the original formats........ 

The Scarecrow and Pumpkins are only attached by tiny little clothes pins - I thought it added to the "home" feeling (laundry pins always evoke home to me..... scary right!) Anyway, I have included a picture below to show the banner without the additional Pumpkin elements....but left the Scarecrow.... I really liked it both ways.... actually without the Scarecrow or pumpkins worked really well too...... point here is ..... it is YOUR design, have fun with it, change it around, flip it, swap it and have fun being creative!!!  

This is my adorable (then) 5 year old (he just turned six) and he LOVES being in the pictures.... can you tell? Mommy wasn't getting away without him being her little host demonstrator!

Here is the banner without the pumpkins as I mentioned above.... I am actually thinking about playing with this little guy some more and purchasing (something are just better purchased :-) some really pretty bows (and I know the perfect (Bow) company to purchase those from..... watch for more information on that amazing up and coming company in the very near future featuring two of the most talented ladies I know doing what they do best..... Bowing and Blinging out everything from hair pieces, shirts, totes to yes even lampshades!) 

I really just loved finally creating a banner from scratch as I have always loved them when others created theirs and now I am too a happy happy banner maker!!!! Yeah! (and it was so easy I have no idea why I was allowing myself to be so nervous to just jump in and make one...... oh well, butterflies be gone, this girl is officially a banner diva! 


Panel - Top Flag Shape Layer
Panel - Bottom Flag Scalloped Layer
Letters: F - A - L - L (Top and Bottom Shadow Layers)

Other Files Used:

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves - 2 types of Leaves

ScareCrow Boy Peeker

Acorns - 2 Sizes: small and large


Pilgrim Hat

Contact me via Facebook for information on ordering these files for only 2.99 each group (svg format.) 
I also have the banner panels available just not pictured here (yet) for also $2.99 (svg format).

Although I currently have these available in SVG format, I can also make them Studio if you prefer, just contact me via email and I can create what ever file style you need (or try...) I just chose for now until I am full blown on my website to offer the most popular file format. 

Have a Happy Scrapulicious Day!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get your Tampa Bay Times Paper free today only!!!!

Come visit me at the Walgreens on MLK in Seffner till 2:00 pm today only! While your there sign up for a whole year for $26

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coupon Savings Rock!

Curious if anyone else loves saving money on food as much as I do? I spent $75 on all this at Publix.... I can't wait for the Sominex Pills to restock...... They are great money makers.....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Chipboard Album, Puppy Dogs and lots of goodies from my "Close To My Heart" stash go so well together!

I know I promised I was going to work on a completely cover to cover "Close To My Heart" Chipboard Album...... but a creative mind is a busy place.... and my mind was spinning in the directions of puppies lately! 

So sorry for the derailing but my sister-in-law's birthday was the perfect excuse I needed to divert from my adorable CTMH Album for just a tiny bit..... I hope you all don't mind..... I kinda go with the flow now and then.... that seems to be when I do my best work! The planned stuff just seems to bog me down...... yep there it is..... my dirty little secrete revealed for all to read on this blog........ I can't stay focused on one thing... I need at least 50 things going on to make me creative!! LOL!!!! That's the mind of an artist folks...... you got to love ALL of us - not just our talent! 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have you Heard The Big News.... about the "My Craft Channel" coming soon?

I am so excited..... there is a brand new Crafting Network Show coming soon....... here is a little excerpt about them that I took directly from their site...... plus get this, you really need to go visit them NOW on their blog because they are giving away lots of awesome freebies just for you "liking" and "following" them..... what self respecting inky diva would miss out on this opportunity? NOT ME! ...... This is so awesome!!!!

My Craft Channel is the first of it’s kind online TV Craft Network. It goes beyond the simple web “how-to” home video and delivers broadcast quality programming. With over 20 different new shows there is something for everyone. Top experts, bloggers and craft celebrities in various niches from sewing, painting, scrapbooking, DIY projects, photography, mixed media and more have joined together to bring entertaining education to the web with TV formatted shows. Not only do the shows provide amazing inspiration, each day there is an opportunity for the “daily deal”, which gives their viewers an opportunity to try out fresh new craft items at discounted prices. 

I don't know about you all, but I already spend so much time on my computer.... with this new Network starting soon... I may need a new computer for every room soon!!!! (Just Kidding) Ok, maybe just one for the kitchen and one more for the den..... yeah, that would work!

Here is the link to their Blog : My Craft Channel BLOG and this is to their FaceBook Page: My Craft Channel FaceBook

Please tell them "Scrapulicious Designs" sent you!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CTMH - Fanfare Album - Stage 1..... Covering the Pages

Stage One -

This is the beginning of the journey to creating my Close To My Heart - Fanfare album.

In this stage, I will walk you step by step with pictures and illustrations of how I:
     * Decided the order and layout of my album pages
     * Covered the Pages with Coordinating Paper
     * Distressed and Finished the Edges getting rid of all the uneven plain edges
     * Step By Step for one complete page and finishing with pictures of all six pages

I decided I liked the pages to open with the shortest in the front to the longest tab in the back..... I wanted to see the tabs behind the next sticking from behind.... with the exception of the Cover Page!

Z1224 My Creations™ All-Sorts Mini Album

Once you decide on the patterned paper you want to use for each side you simple lay it on the back of the paper you want to cover it with - trace around the edges leaving a tiny bit of space for errors - then carefully trim out your pattern (I use a blade but you can just as easily use a pair of sharp scissors) 

I like to leave a bit of an overhand on the straight edges so I can fold it over  - it makes for a bit more of an interesting look when you start distressing those edges...... but this is personal preference.... and not necessary! Trimming to the edges is just fine and will give you a wonderful result as well! 

Next add glue all over the board - then carefully spread it out evenly so you cover all the edges well and place the paper lined up on the board .... carefully smoothing out all the bubbles and making sure all the edges are tacked down well!

Here is what my first page looks  like as again I prefer to work with a bit of an overhang on my straight edges to add a little pizzaz to my distressing later...... 

When and were you punch the holes for your rings is personal preference...... with this book I liked the precut holes layout and decided to stick with them and only needed to cut the paper to match up once I had each side glued down.....
However, the reason I cut the wholes after I glue down the cover paper is because if you don't like the layout of the factory precut holes - you have the flexibility to change them by simply cutting new holes after you glue down your paper and leaving the precut holes covered permanently! 

This is what the unfinished side of my page looks like after covering the opposite side....... 

Close up of how I trim away all the extra paper left hanging over my edges prior to covering the backside of the page..... this makes for less sanding down the line........... be careful not to trim into the chipboard....

This is how one side of my first covered page.......

This is the backside of my first covered page.......

This is a close up of how your unfinished edges might look...... you can see the paper sticking just a bit out on both sides and you can see the bare chipboard sticking from the middle....... yuk! Time to clean that up! Get out your Close To My Heart - Distressing Kit..... and Your Inks! 

For Distressing the edges .... I love to use the sanding file provided in the distressing kit from "Close To My Heart"

Z1299 Distressing Kit

I love how the idea books give you the exact perfect matches to use with each of the  current kits..... for the Fanfare Collection the inks are............. 

Sunny Yellow, Sky, Pacifica, and Cranberry!


I like to start with my lightest color first for edging.... I used Cranberry then Pacifica ....... 

Here is after both colors were applied..... see how the red kinda peeks from behind the blue...... I just like how that looks.... but you can just use one color if you prefer.... no rules! LOL!

Same on this side..... first I used the Cranberry to ink the edges...... 

Then I went over the edges again lightly with the Pacifica...... 

Close up of my edges after distressing and inking..... very different than the earlier pictures.... right!

I also used a paper edge punch to make my front cover and back covers pop..... I took a piece of the red card stock paper from the kit and used my stars paper punch to cut down one side and then laid it on top of the yellow paper from the kit and attached that strip to the stars paper using liquid glass and completing the look with a thin layer spread over the red strip to give a nice little contrast from the flat blue paper....... liquid glass is awesome stuff.... you can use it to create a glass shiny look to almost anything... you can use it to attach embellishments to paper..... you can use it to attach paper to paper like glue...... it has endless possibilities.....

Z679 Liquid Glass

I hope you enjoyed this stage one demonstration..... if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a comment of contact me by email...... I love to hear your ideas and comments!!!!

I will be covering Stage Two Next....... Adding Decorations, Adornments, Hidden Goodies (Pockets, Tags, Compartments, ect....) To your Pages....... I hope to have this segment completed by Thursday...... or sooner..... It will all hinge on how much my little one will permit me to get done! LOL! As you know..... he is the boss! (Well at least he thinks he is and I pay dearly if I don't listen....... LOL!)
Here are all six of my completed pages after I repeated the above steps used for the demo page outline in stage one.....  I used different patterns and even cut some pages short and added extra strips of contrasting paper to give it some extra interest...... not necessary but just my little funky style!
Until Stage Two.... Enjoy, and don't forget to order your Fan Fare Kits Today so you can play along with me as I create lots of neat goodies using this beautiful collection of papers!

Ciao! Shelley!

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