Monday, July 18, 2011

Chipboard Album, Puppy Dogs and lots of goodies from my "Close To My Heart" stash go so well together!

I know I promised I was going to work on a completely cover to cover "Close To My Heart" Chipboard Album...... but a creative mind is a busy place.... and my mind was spinning in the directions of puppies lately! 

So sorry for the derailing but my sister-in-law's birthday was the perfect excuse I needed to divert from my adorable CTMH Album for just a tiny bit..... I hope you all don't mind..... I kinda go with the flow now and then.... that seems to be when I do my best work! The planned stuff just seems to bog me down...... yep there it is..... my dirty little secrete revealed for all to read on this blog........ I can't stay focused on one thing... I need at least 50 things going on to make me creative!! LOL!!!! That's the mind of an artist folks...... you got to love ALL of us - not just our talent! 


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have you Heard The Big News.... about the "My Craft Channel" coming soon?

I am so excited..... there is a brand new Crafting Network Show coming soon....... here is a little excerpt about them that I took directly from their site...... plus get this, you really need to go visit them NOW on their blog because they are giving away lots of awesome freebies just for you "liking" and "following" them..... what self respecting inky diva would miss out on this opportunity? NOT ME! ...... This is so awesome!!!!

My Craft Channel is the first of it’s kind online TV Craft Network. It goes beyond the simple web “how-to” home video and delivers broadcast quality programming. With over 20 different new shows there is something for everyone. Top experts, bloggers and craft celebrities in various niches from sewing, painting, scrapbooking, DIY projects, photography, mixed media and more have joined together to bring entertaining education to the web with TV formatted shows. Not only do the shows provide amazing inspiration, each day there is an opportunity for the “daily deal”, which gives their viewers an opportunity to try out fresh new craft items at discounted prices. 

I don't know about you all, but I already spend so much time on my computer.... with this new Network starting soon... I may need a new computer for every room soon!!!! (Just Kidding) Ok, maybe just one for the kitchen and one more for the den..... yeah, that would work!

Here is the link to their Blog : My Craft Channel BLOG and this is to their FaceBook Page: My Craft Channel FaceBook

Please tell them "Scrapulicious Designs" sent you!!!

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