Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tear Bears.... What Are They? How Do You Make Them? What Do You Do With Them Then?

What is a Tear Bear? 
They are those adorable hand made little bear embellishments crafted from home made paper. They are so cute and adorable they will really add charm and life to your scrapbook pages.

I still remember the first time I saw one of these little furry buddies while browsing Ebay a few years back..... but could I just buy one or two and move on like most..... NO, of course not......... For those of you that don't know me yet, you will soon find, I can't just see something cute and enjoy it....Nooooooo, I have to investigate it, try to mimic it, work and work at it until I can create it, then being the perfectionist and artsy farsy type that I am...... oh yes, I have to then add my own little spin on it and YES change it up to my own liking and then and only then will I ENJOY it!

When I first saw them on Ebay I went Tear Bear Crazy! I searched blogs, web-sites, ordered how to do kits.....(not very helpful.... usually only partial truths...) determined, I had to make these adorable little furry pieces of paper...... dare I say it was an obsession! Well, of course it was!!!!! So I stayed up many nights well past when the roasters start to do that cock-a-doodle do thing they do! ...... I had to learn HOW TO MAKE THEM!

I know this seems an easy task today, as I know they have been around a bit.... but just in case there are any others out there wanting to uncover the deep well protected secrets of tear bear I am almost certain there has got to be a sort of code of silence when it comes to some secrets of the crafty set on Etsy and Ebay! Well starting today here and now I am going to expose everything I have learned to date on these little creatures!!!!

I will try to add a step or two every night....... it totally depends on my little one and his tolerance to mommy not paying total attention to him!!!!

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