Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall is in the Air... Fall Banner, Scarecrows and More...

The leaves are changing (well not here in Florida) Fall is in the air...... and I love it!!!

I was sitting here today thinking about all the neat things I want to create to decorate the house and I remembered a cute project I made last fall for my youngest son's school. They have a huge fall festival and I of course could not resist the urge to create away to make it extra fun....

Here are a few of the goodies that I made for it.... I used designs I create for most of this.... and I do have those files available for purchase if your interested, however, my actual "Scrapulicious" storefront website is under-construction for the time being (my website administrator .... my son LOL! just started college full-time and has been a weeeee bit slow... :-(  However, I would still love to offer them to and you can contact me via email or Facebook if your interested in these or any of the other designs you see me post (previous or currently.) Keep in mind however, I do occasionally use designs for some of the projects that I purchased from other designers that I love and I will also add the information were you can go purchase any of those that you'd like from them too....... Enjoy!

All the leaves sticking out the top of the above panel and those in the one below (Acorn too) are removable. I created little pockets for them to peek out of... I love neat little extras like this.....don't you?

I designed this adorable Scarecrow as a "Peeker" (available for purchase) but notice I didn't use his little hands for the banner - These files can be so flexible if you start thinking outside of the original formats........ 

The Scarecrow and Pumpkins are only attached by tiny little clothes pins - I thought it added to the "home" feeling (laundry pins always evoke home to me..... scary right!) Anyway, I have included a picture below to show the banner without the additional Pumpkin elements....but left the Scarecrow.... I really liked it both ways.... actually without the Scarecrow or pumpkins worked really well too...... point here is ..... it is YOUR design, have fun with it, change it around, flip it, swap it and have fun being creative!!!  

This is my adorable (then) 5 year old (he just turned six) and he LOVES being in the pictures.... can you tell? Mommy wasn't getting away without him being her little host demonstrator!

Here is the banner without the pumpkins as I mentioned above.... I am actually thinking about playing with this little guy some more and purchasing (something are just better purchased :-) some really pretty bows (and I know the perfect (Bow) company to purchase those from..... watch for more information on that amazing up and coming company in the very near future featuring two of the most talented ladies I know doing what they do best..... Bowing and Blinging out everything from hair pieces, shirts, totes to yes even lampshades!) 

I really just loved finally creating a banner from scratch as I have always loved them when others created theirs and now I am too a happy happy banner maker!!!! Yeah! (and it was so easy I have no idea why I was allowing myself to be so nervous to just jump in and make one...... oh well, butterflies be gone, this girl is officially a banner diva! 


Panel - Top Flag Shape Layer
Panel - Bottom Flag Scalloped Layer
Letters: F - A - L - L (Top and Bottom Shadow Layers)

Other Files Used:

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves - 2 types of Leaves

ScareCrow Boy Peeker

Acorns - 2 Sizes: small and large


Pilgrim Hat

Contact me via Facebook for information on ordering these files for only 2.99 each group (svg format.) 
I also have the banner panels available just not pictured here (yet) for also $2.99 (svg format).

Although I currently have these available in SVG format, I can also make them Studio if you prefer, just contact me via email and I can create what ever file style you need (or try...) I just chose for now until I am full blown on my website to offer the most popular file format. 

Have a Happy Scrapulicious Day!

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