Monday, July 18, 2011

Chipboard Album, Puppy Dogs and lots of goodies from my "Close To My Heart" stash go so well together!

I know I promised I was going to work on a completely cover to cover "Close To My Heart" Chipboard Album...... but a creative mind is a busy place.... and my mind was spinning in the directions of puppies lately! 

So sorry for the derailing but my sister-in-law's birthday was the perfect excuse I needed to divert from my adorable CTMH Album for just a tiny bit..... I hope you all don't mind..... I kinda go with the flow now and then.... that seems to be when I do my best work! The planned stuff just seems to bog me down...... yep there it is..... my dirty little secrete revealed for all to read on this blog........ I can't stay focused on one thing... I need at least 50 things going on to make me creative!! LOL!!!! That's the mind of an artist folks...... you got to love ALL of us - not just our talent! 


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